[bumper replacement] Replacing front Bumper on a 73. by Redwingvette

[1980 Rocker Channel Replacement] Replacing rusted rocker channels

[Add a popout rear window to C3s without]

[Adjust Headlight Doors] 700k IE archive file - zipped. Adjust doors to make them flush.

[Article on Theory of Downforce] Basic article describing downforce in relation to cars.

[Body Removal 1973 Corvette] Repairing/replacing rocker channels and body mounts. by Redwingvette

[Bubble Tail Lights Install] Installing bubble tail lights

[Bubble Tail Light Installation] 1.3 Meg IE Archive File - zipped

[C4 Driving Lights Tech Paper] by Lars

[Cobra Rebody for C3 Vette] Converts your C3 68-82 to a Shelvy 427 Cobra Replica

[Cobra-Style Gas Cap] Links to page of pics and text

[Cobra Style Gas-Cap] Just opens a diagram.

[Convert 75-79 Corvette Front End to 80-82]

[Corvette Top Replacement]

[Corvette body and paint repair basics] by Lars

[Corvette paint code conversions] Paint codes for Corvette colors from popular paint manufacturers.

[Corvette painting 101]

[Cowl Induction]

[Custom Fiberglass Body Panels] Vanacor

[Daytime Driving Lights]

[Detailing Tips] from Corvette Fever

[DIY Paint Job on your Vette] 1986 Vette Painting Project.

[Fender Flares Installation] Installation by Dave (rolling thunder)

[Fiberglass Repair]

[Fiberglass Repair]

[Head Flopping Chrome Mirror Repair] 2mb PDF File

[Headlight Vacuum Relay Repair]

[Helpful information for painting your Corvette]

[HID Information]

[Install Weatherstrip] from Corvette Fever

[Juliets Door Rebuild Tips]

[L88 Hood Installation]

[Nice Paint Formulas for Restorers] by Lars

[Paint Instruction] Paintucation

[Polishing Tail Light Lenses]

[Power Antenna Replacement]

[Removable Rear Window in 73-77 Vettes] PDF File

[Removing Gas marks from paint around gas cap] IE Archive file - zipped

[Rubber Bumper repair basics] by Lars

[Seal up leaks (weatherstrip)] from Corvette Fever

[Some more paint tips]

[Vettefixrs Paint Tips]

[Windshield Installation] 1969 Corvette

[Wiper Door Repair]

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