[[How to Install a Remote Radar Detector and Laser Jammer in C7 Corvette]

[1953-1982 GM Corvette Parts and Illustration Manuals] Must register to access downloads - 6 manuals total

[1968 Wiper Door System] 240k Word doc

[1968 Wiper Door Troubleshooting] Excel Spreadsheet to accompany above.

[1971 Corvette Owners Manual]

[1980 Corvette Electrical Schematics]

[4 post lift collapse prevention] - Things to check on your 4 post lift.

[68 Wiper Troubleshooting Guide]

[AC System Repair and R134 update]

[AC Delco Parts Catalog] Great online resource

[Add Intermittent Wipers]

[Add Aftermarket Air Conditioning in Midyear] from Vette Magazine

[Alarm System Restoration] Get your factory fend-activated alarm working again.

[Another Gas Filler Top] 950k IE Archive

[Automotive Calculators] Lots of cool automotive application calculators

[Big Block from Hell] Hib Halversons long-running project

[Budget Garage Makeover]

[Bypass Heater Core] 1MB Internet Explorer Archive - good pics

[C4 and C5 Wheels on a C3]

[Calculate Engine Airflow Requirements] Site also has other calculation utilities

[California Smog Check Information]

[More California Smog Information]

[Chevy Power Book on Corvette] - over 8 megs PDF file

[Corvette Price Guide]

[Cruise Control] how it works

[Desktop Dyno Software]

[Do-it-yourself Vacuum Pump] IE Archive file

[Gas Tank Capacity Problem] 1976+ ... 700k IE Archive file

[Gear Ratio Calculator] Chevy Specific

[Get your Corvette Restoration package] direct from GM/Chevrolet

[GM Canada Corvette Engineering Specifications]

[Guide to buying older Corvettes]

[HVAC Troubleshooting]

[Headlight and wiper vacuum diagram] PDF File

[Headlight Actuator Seal Repair]

[Heater Core in 70 with AC]

[Heater Core in 79 with no AC]

[HID Conversion] 1 mb zip file

[How to make your C2 or C3 lighter]

[How to remove spider from your Corvette]

[Install new speedo cable]

[Inexpensive alternative to Jet Hot coatings]

[Low Fuel Light Circuit Board] IE Archive

[Make your own custom license plate]

[Mechanics Inspection before buying C3] part 1

[Mechanics Inspection before buying C3] part 2

[Mechanics Inspection before buying C3] part 3

[More bite for old sharks (wider tires)] PDF File

[Nice refinish process on the cheap]

[Opening Hood after latch cable has snapped]

[Pass the smog test]

[Prepping car for winter storage]

[Racing Articles] various tips and articles

[Radar Detector test site]

[Sealed lead acid battery information] Great way to lose weight but you should know something about them first.

[Tracking down an electrical drain]

[Trailering your Corvette]

[Tricks of the Trade] Before buying a corvette, read this...

[The Ultimate Garage] end of story, hands down

[Useful Corvette tools]

[Vette Set] black book software for your pc

[VIN Decoder site] must register on site tho

[VIN Locator guide]

[What to put in a car toolkit] IE Archive File

[Wider tires and traction] Good article on the myth of wider tires helping straight line traction

[Easy bare metal makeover]

[Adding Intermittent Wipers] w/wiring diagrams

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