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[6 Link Suspension Pictures] provided by Aaron Main

[6 Link Rear Suspension] Magazine scans

[6 Link Rear Suspension in 80-82] 1.4 Meg IE Archive File

[6 Link Suspension (by Markus)] 1.6 Meg IE Archive File

[C2/C3 Frame History] Details of the evolution of the frame from early C2 to end of the C3

[C3 Frame Dimensions] JPEG Image

[C3 Racecar Suspension Observations] 1 Meg IE Archive by 71roadster

[C4 and C5 Suspension in your C3] Wow

[Calculate your spring rate]

[Coilover suspension pics in C3]

[Corvette Chassis Design/Construction] 14 Megs of Zipped JPEGs

[Corvette Handling] PDF File (beyond HUGE at 170mb!

[Custom 5-link suspension] Lookhays Measurements & Pics

[Dick Guldstrand Suspension Advice] Magazine Article courtesy of 67Heaven

[DIY Curb Rash Repair] 900k IE Archive File

[Do It Yourself Alignment Tools] Check here for tools to do your own alignments.

[Do It Yourself Wheel Alignment]

[Front Suspension Rebuild]

[Good C3 Suspension Discussion] 1 Meg IE Archive

[Herb Adams Suspension Test] from Corvetteforum Post

[How Much does a C3 Frame Weigh?] 775k internet Explorer archive file

[How to measure your chassis for front roll center location]

[How to Set Rear Camber] by Lars

[Independent Rear Suspension Parts and Upgrades]

[Installing Body Mounts]

[Installing Rear Monoleaf Spring] 400k MS Word Doc

[Rear Suspension and Frame Restoration] 1970 Corvette

[Rear Suspension Rebuild in 1970]

[Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly Removal]

[Rebuild Front End in a C2] by Lars

[Rebuild Rear Trailing Arms]

[Retro-fit 73-up rubber body mounts on a 68-72]

[Ride Control with New Shocks] from Corvette Fever

[Spindle Extenders for better handling]

[Spreader Bar Installation]

[Suspension Dimensions]

[Suspension Science] from Corvette Fever

[Suspension Science 2] from Corvette Fever

[Suspension Spring Tuning] from Corvette Forum Post

[Suspension Tuning Matrix] Matrix detailing how to tune over/understeer

[Testing 16,17,18 Inch Wheel/Tire combos on the track] IE Archive file from sport compact car magazine

[The 1g Corvette] Magazine scan of 1986 Article

[Tire Size Calculator] Changing Tire Sizes? Good tool to calculate proper diameter.

[Trailing Arm Rebuild] Herlingers

[Trailing Arm Rebuild] Zip Corvette

[Vette Improvement Program] PDF File by John Greenwood

[Weight Reduction Tips] 1.8 Meg IE Archive File

[Wheel Alignment Specifications]

[Wheel and Tire Weights] 1mb IE Archive File

[Wheel Picker App]

[Wheel Technical Information]