I have a '75 stingray that wants to automatically steer to the right. I start the car, turn the wheels all the way to the left, step on the gas and the steering wheel turns all the way to the right. I just replaced the power steering pump. Somebody told me that the control valve needed to be adjusted but I can't find any adjustment on it. Any ideas?

There is a small silver or black cap on the end of the power steering control valve. If you remove this cap you will see a bolt head. i believe it is 7/16 but it has been awhile since I adjusted mine. Rotating this bolt changes the bias pressure in the value.

You can adjust the bias pressure by putting a socket on the bolt and rotating it until your tires turn from right to left. Don't recall if you have to go clockwise or counter clockwise. in any case it shouldn't take more than a couple of turns to get the wheels to go the other direction. Once you get the wheel to the other direction turn the socket back the other way until the wheels start to turn the other direction.

Adjust the bolt so that it takes the same clockwise turns as counter clockwise turns to make wheels turn left or right. Replace little black cap.

i have a 1972 454 Stingray corvette and i am replaceing a key switch, not i have already replaced the key switch im just stuck on how to put some of the pieces back together any thoughts? 16:46, July 20, 2013 (UTC) 

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